NorthSouthShow 1

North South Show Jingle

DJs Scotland - Hello and welcome to our very special show from across the borders.

DJS England - Which side of the borders I hear you ask?

DJs Scotland - both sides as we're your DJ from the High School of Dundee in Scotland.

DJs England - and we're your DJS from Capel Le Ferne Primary School in England
News report 1:

C.T: During the half term there were some new windows fitted on one side of the school building. Results show that it is much warmer because of the sun and it looks much better!

E.B: It is expected that in some time in the future we will be having a new library building, this should result that we may be able to have more space in the I.C.T suite for more computers!

L.U: There has been a new system called buddies introduced to the school where some of the bigger children have been given one of the smaller children who find it hard play with other children.

H.H: Recently new toilets have been fitted, they are all nearly we think this has been a good idea because the old ones wore all dirty and horrible!!!!

G.C: Recently the last two Fridays just gone our attendance teddy has disappeared, has he gone on holiday to Dundee!
Who knows where he has gone.

R.G: school dinners are apparently not very healthy.
In other schools so we want our school to be healthy. So what we are doing is making our dinners healthier.

DJ - Scotland - To put you in the mood of Scotland we have a lovely piece of music played on the bagpipes.

MUSIC - Highland Cathedral

DJ-SCOTLAND - That was Highland Cathedral played by Cameron. That was fantastic.